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Grand Statement Tiebacks



Elevate your windows with the grandeur of Grand Statement Tiebacks. These luxurious tiebacks add a touch of sophisticated elegance and effortlessly hold curtains open made from high-quality material in various dramatic designs perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, and formal settings. Enjoy effortless style, light control, and a touch of timeless class.








Available: 50



Detailed Description:

Make a Statement with Grand Statement Tiebacks
  • Luxurious Elegance: Elevate your windows and add a touch of sophisticated charm with these opulent tiebacks.
  • Effortless Style & Light Control: Hold curtains open in style while controlling the light entering the room.
  • Dramatic Designs: Choose from various statement-making designs to complement your existing décor.
  • High-Quality Materials: Crafted from luxurious (specific material) for a touch of luxury and long-lasting beauty.

Set Include (2 Pieces)

  • 1 pair of tieback.

Care Instructions:

  • Material Dependent: Spot clean with a damp cloth. Professional cleaning is recommended.

Use Cases:

  • Living Rooms: Create a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere perfect for entertaining.
  • Bedrooms: Add a touch of luxury and drama for a restful retreat.
  • Formal Dining Rooms: Elevate the ambience for a memorable dining experience.
  • Home Offices: Add a touch of class and professionalism to your workspace.